Merci Speaks On Issues With HustleGodKayo, Being Disrespected, & more

EXCLUSIVE: A lot of times in this game, you get played by people. Sometimes its done intentionally, other times, its not. Merci feels like he was disrespected by HuslteGodKayo, an affiliate of Bezz Believe. We got the chance to chop it up with Merci and talk with him about the situation. Read more below: 

Explain who you are for those who may not know 

I’ve been making music since I was 3 so none of this is new to me, but it’s new to everyone that hears about Me, I’ve been in the music scene for the last year now. I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida in 1994, that’s the OG year. I’m really trying to make an impact on this industry and leave my stamp on it and live through it when I’m gone. I work with every3k (he’s worked with artist from lil pump, smoke purp to riff raff, he made the beat to steph curry McFlurry and if you ever hear “Ay that was dope E” on a beat, thats him) 

Talk to us about the situation with you and HustleGodKayo?

It’s funny honestly, it started out by just reaching out over IG. I like bezz believes Music so I figured I talk to his manager and see if he had any good advice. Long story short we exchange contact info and I did business with one of his affiliates Elvis Cooper. Since then he hits me up asking me to send him music, and I’m more then happy to support his cause and further my career in this industry. Unfortunately after hitting me up and telling me he’s got me, no worries and all the bullshit he never played my songs. Then he turns around and speaks negatively about me on air, (my name is Brandon, stage name Merci) and of course doesn’t shed light on the truth, which is why I felt that he needed to get exposed because if he’s trying to play me, I’m not the only one.

How did this happen!?

Being an independent and growing artist it’s easy to sell hopes and dreams to us. We all want the same thing and it’s obvious, you have to trust people, even when they turn out to be the wrong people. At the end of the day true colors show and it won’t stop me from pursuing a career in music and taking different avenues to get heard, but I 100% will never work with Kayo or anyone associated with his name.

He told you he would review you?

Yea, multiple times, that’s why I’m like dude needs to stop, cause it’s not the first time he hit me up asking me to send it in. If it was the first time it’s understandable that my song won’t get played, but the fact that it was a personal invite from his personal phone meant to me that he’d take me more serious and do what he said he’d do. In reality no ones watching his show so he tries to keep people hanging by a thread to watch the show with hopes of hearing a review on their song. You can even see him waste time on horrible songs because he will not get to your song to review it. Period.

Why do you think he didnt?

Honestly I don’t know. Maybe he’s threatened. I’m not the type of person who craves attention I have 1700 followers on insta after a year, I’m more focused on my music. I think he’s listened to my music and feels a certain way about it and is trying to hide it. On the show they even said “ we wanted to get to it bad” yet still didn’t review it, so they acknowledge me which is weird that a claim to be an unbiased review and truth telling review would be so shady. But then again why would he even ask me to send it, maybe he just needed the views.

Did you feel it was more disrespect than anything!?

100% if anyone asks you do something multiple times and flakes on you, how would you feel?

Do you have anything you would like to say to clear the air about it?

I just want people to know the truth and when working or speaking with Kayo just know he’s plotting against for his own personal interest with no benefit to you.

What made you want to speak out about the situation?

The truth should be known, nobody knows he was talking about me except for me. And I just want to shed light , cause Yea I’m from Boca and there’s a reputation that kids here are soft, which is true sometimes. He might think he can mess with me but believe me I’m not the person to get beef with. I’m very resourceful, if you been around anyone that’s been around you’ll hear shit, not that I’m proud of it but I got a name and people know not to get on my bad side.

How are you planning to move forward from this?

I’m cool about it. Wash my hands clean, done deal. It’s over. Im gonna keep making music and do what I do best.

Anything else you would like to say 

Yea, don’t work with Kayo unless your bezz Believe

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