The Catch Up: B.Eveready

We got the chance to catch up with B.Eveready and talked with him about what he’s been working on. He talked with us about a car crash that affected his life, his follow up EP, & more. Check it out below and be sure to stay tuned for new updates with him.

What’s been up with you lately? 

Chilling man, just putting in a lot of work.  I can’t wait for everybody to hear what I’ve got in store.

What you working on?

I’ve been working on a follow up to my 2015 EP “#GrindSeason” called “#GS2”.  It’s really a project that will show my overall growth as an artist & how serious I take my craft.  I really took my time with this project.  I reached out to a lot of producers to find the sounds that I wanted to bring to the audience.  I didn’t want to settle for what I’ve been hearing lately – I wanted production that pushed my pen to a different level.  I think this project is going to be my most impactful because of the time I put into every single line.  I made sure that everything I said was important to the record.  I’ve always been concerned with the quality of my work, but I’ve really obsessed about this one.

Talk to us about your car crash in 2016, what happened?

My wife & I were driving to work, and this young lady in front of us thought it would be a good idea to speed in the rain.  She fishtailed, went headfirst into the guardrail, and came back into traffic.  She slammed into us & sent us spinning into the other guardrail.  It could’ve been much worse than it was, but we still went to physical therapy for a few months.  But I thank God we all walked away.

How did it affect you?

It just made me think about how quickly it can all be over.  As a Black man in America, I’ve always been sensitive to that, but when this happened, I thought about how much work I still have to do, and leaving here without fulfilling my purpose is something I’m not ready to do.  So it pushed my focus & drive to another level.  I’ve been working on music for over ten years & haven’t reached the amount of people I’d like to, and that’s my fault.  I had to take a step back and say, Am I doing my absolute best at everything?  Am I networking in my city the way I should? Am I marketing & promoting my music in a way that separates it from all these other artists?  Am I making music that stands above the rest?  Once I got on top of those answers, it got me here.

Do you still have flash backs? 

Not really.  It definitely affected my wife, and I’ve done my best to support her through everything.  I just think about making the most of every day so I’m honoring my gifts.

Did it teach you anything? 

It taught me to trust your instincts.  I felt different when I saw that lady driving all wild, and sure enough, the accident happened.  It wasn’t a premonition, I just felt like, “this isn’t good”.  So with that in mind, I just pray about any decision & go with my gut.

When can we expect new music? 

I just dropped a few loosies recently; a video for my freestyle over Alchemist’s Red Carpet instrumental (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uuzZwWSjqp4), and I put out a dope joint over a Jansport J beat called “The Convo Different” (https://m.soundcloud.com/beveready/the-convo-different) .  But the 2nd single from the #GS2 will be out everywhere on Friday, 5/18, and I believe it’ll be my biggest record to date.

Where do you fit in the game/marketplace?

I think I fit in right at the top.  I’m a versatile artist that can make big records, and I can also write very intimate material that blocks out the rest of the world.  I think I’ve lacked exposure, and I’m taking steps to rectify that.  We’ll see what happens.

What’s next for you?

Dropping this new record & finishing up #GS2.  Once I’m done with the music & videos, I’m looking to get on stage & perform this material for the people.  I’ve been working with some other artists as well, so their music is on the way as well.

Anything else you would like to say? 

I appreciate the chance to chop it up – for the people, please check me out at BEvereadyRap.com or on IG @b.eveready.  I look forward to sharing this new project with everyone.  Peace & God bless.



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