Detroit cops brawl each other in undercover drug sting gone wrong

An investigation is underway into a drug bust gone wrong when undercover cops from two different Detroit Police Department precincts confused each other for dealers and proceeded to brawl before witnesses on Andover, near Seven Mile last week.

According to reports, the ordeal began when a pair of officers from the 12th Precinct who were posing as dealers in a “push off” operation were approached by undercover officers from the 11th Precinct, on Thursday, November 9. After getting the incognito officers to lay on the ground, the 11th Precinct officers led a raid of a house suspected of harboring drugs in the 19300 block of Andover. At some point during the mix-up officers from both precincts began fist fighting

Residents of the raided property reportedly witnessed punches being exchanged and guns being drawn before the situation came under control. At least one officer is reported to have been hospitalized as a result of the confrontation, although the extent of his injuries have gone unreported.

Superiors from the brass of each precinct were notified of the incident. Internal affairs is said to be looking into what went wrong and whether the dangerous events that unfolded were the outcome of a logistical failures on the part of the DPD or the result of external factors.



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