Gamer turns $400,000 Lambo into an Xbox controller

What is the most expensive video game controller that you can think of?


Maybe it’s ColorWare’s $300 24K Gold controller for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that came out a few years ago and quickly sold out. Perhaps the Thrustmaster 2960720 HOTAS Warthog flight stick at $450 came to mind. Or maybe the $1,300 Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel and Pedals from Fanatec for PC and XB1 is what you were thinking.

Forget all that.

A French car enthusiast who goes by the handle POG on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube turned his Lamborghini Aventador into a controller for his Xbox just to play Forza 7. Now I have no idea how much he paid for his Lambo but I do know Aventadors start at $400,000 and go up from there. It would be safe to say that this is the most expensive Xbox controller ever made.

via https://www.techspot.com/news/71558-gamer-turns-400000-lambo-xbox-controller.html


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