Get to know: Jack Skrzypiec

Starting his career in entertainment as a standout basketball star for his local high school, Jack Skrzypiec has decided to take an alternate route from the NCAA/NBA circuit. Having multiple opportunities to play basketball at the next level, Jack opted to take “the road less traveled” into the “hush-hush” music business. Taking business classes and playing on the basketball team, he would only last a few months at the local Rhode Island college he was attending. After doing some critical thinking and assessing his options Jack decided to start on his own journey into the industry and began managing a few local music artists shortly thereafter. As time went on and although he continued to focus on his artists he felt like he needed to garner a larger reach within the music industry to bring his ideas of development to more eyes. During his time seeking new opportunities Jack sent out a “Cold DM” to Logan, the CEO of Untitledexport Management, expressing his ideas and goals and the two of them hit it off immediately and began working on the next phases. Untitledexport Management is a full service marketing and artist development agency located in New Jersey. Jack ultimately decided going into this industry’s work-force in a full time capacity would give him an edge on others in his age bracket.

As soon as he joined Untitledexport’s fastly growing team, Jack found a key role in helping manage/develop the artists signed to the agency. Fast forward to now, Jack Skrzypiec is the Head Talent Agent for Untitledexport Management. Working individually with 50+ artists on a daily basis. Jack looks to provide underground artists with the key foundational pieces they need to be successful. Being an artist nowadays is not easy, there are multiple components to it, which Jack looks to offer support with. Processes like claiming digital royalties, building on artist’s search engine optimization, and teaching artists how to function like a business, are just a few of theareas Jack specializes in.

We asked Jack what his biggest accomplishment to date is and he said; “My greatest accomplishment is the way I have impacted the lives of hundreds of up and coming artists. Using my resources and knowledge of the industry, I have been able to teach musical artists of all genres the proper way to look credible online and also start generating more engagement across their social media profiles. Not only have I been able to teach many artists how to better their game, I have also built long lasting relationships with many artists along the way. Conducting business in an honest and customer service oriented way with Untitledexport Management has made all the difference to me”
Jack looks to reach even more artists moving forward as he continues to rise within the ranks of the industry and continue his hard work and dedication towards his clients

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