Man Suing Cardi B Over Mixtape Cover Is A Fraud?

The real man in the mixtape cover speaks out.


(AllHipHop Rumors) Somebody’s lying! Apparently people will do anything for a check and a come up!

While Cardi B is enjoying the success of her hit record, we all should’ve known it would only be a matter of time before someone tried to take her down!

According to TMZ, the man who appears to being going down on Cardi on her ‘Gangsta B-tch Music Vol. 1’ mixtape cover is suing the rapper for $5 Million. A man named Kevin Brophy claims that the image is 100% him and he found out about it after a friend brought it to his attention.

The man is upset because he claims that he never posed for the photo, or even signed off to have his likeness displayed in a sexual manner.

It sounds like the man is a complete catfish and total fraud as another man has taken to social media to clear the air by claiming that the man shown is actually him. @The6atsix even dropped receipts of him and Cardi together for the shoot to prove that it was him.


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