Meet Music Producer J Staffz

Jabari Bowry also known as J Staffz is a super music producer from Toronto, Canada. Working with big names like French Montana, Fat Joe, Sean Kingston, & Wiz Khalifa, J Staffz quickly became a studio workhorse. We recently caught up with J Staffz and asked him few questions:

When you started producing music, how has your life changed?

Most of the time I’m focused on outside businesses and trying to expand my brand. To be honest I’ve been producing full time since 2009. Most of the music that I’m known for is hip-hop but what keeps me the busiest is working on music for TV and movies. I definitely enjoy producing music in more of a freelance style than working for a label or within a production team or something.

How do you think the COVID-19 pandemic altered the music industry?

I think it’s made artists be a little bit more creative in regards to releasing projects. I know as far as making beats for people I’m usually at home in my studio and emailing records back and forth. I get more done that way. I definitely prefer to do it in person but COVID has definitely forced people out of the studio and back into their home setups.

What current projects are you working on that we can expect in the future?

Currently I’m working on music beds for a couple of Netflix exclusive films. I really enjoy working with television as it’s a lot more consistent and it forces me to be more versatile as opposed to doing hip-hop all the time. I’m also trying to start a label in the next year or so. Definitely keep an eye out for that.

What would you tell upcoming producers/artists trying to make it in the music industry?

As an artist I’d definitely try and create a inhouse team. I work with a group of people but we all do different things from writing to graphic design. That is going to help you get a lot further faster. As a producer I would say not to be afraid to take risks and to produce for whoever you can when you’re coming up. Anyone who you think is good you should try and work with. You never know who is going to blow up. If they can work out some sort of payment for you for beats then that’s good but if you really think they’re talented then definitely try and help where you can within our personal limits.

To keep up with J Staffz, you can follow him on IG @iamjstaffz.

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