Munich Producer Dready 85er Collabs With HEEZYUNO On “My Sins”

Music in Germany is reaching the Americas as Dready 85er grows his connections. Linking up with artists like HEEZYUNO in “My Sins” and more. Dready has been making big moves Dready has collaborated with successful producers such as Swede & Gezin of 808 Mafia, Lex Luger, HighDefRazjah, Networking is a big part of the game, and Dready is locked in. Producing the beat for “My Sins”, Dready On The Beat, and Alldaynightshift, who is also from Germany, collaborated to make the dope melodies and drum patterns for the track. I would love to see this producer with more talented artists and engineers ASAP.

Dready is seeing his own success, creating new beats and drum kits to build his presence and work on his craft at the same time. Pitching and appealing to a vast number of creators. Later this year he has a new drum kit releasing called “Crypto Kit” with features some of his latest sounds. Dready85er is on the come-up and is a producer to keep an ear out for. He shows no signs of letting up and is continuing to release through 2021

Keep up with Dready 85er on Instagram and tune into “My Sins” on Youtube.

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