Myke Rook drops off Akhapela Confessions

Myke Rook drops off Akhapela Confessions just in time for his birthday.

Born in Turkey, Myke Rook then spent most of his time growing up in a broken household in South Lansing, Michigan. This instilled the values Myke holds to this day. Having a love for the struggle, and those going through tough situations, Rook wants to use his music as a way for those struggling, to be heard by the world. Bombarded by negativity as a young generation, Myke Rook wants to help those snap out of this pattern. Turning the negative to positive is always easier said than done, but when you put your mind to it, Myke Rook is walking proof that it can actually be done. 

Myke Rook has been creating a unique path for him and his music over the past few years. Back with another release, this one a bit more special, Rook is here with his debut EP, “Akhapela Confessions”.  After taking down his past music, this is a new chapter in Myke’s career. This EP, a six song collection, is much different than the rest of the HipHop/Rap music we see hitting the market. Reason being, all six songs are clean, meaning they do not have a single explicit word throughout. Also, Rook utilizes his Acapella sound, something we have never seen done in the HipHop/Rap scene. If this is not enough to prove Myke Rook is different, just go ahead and take a listen for yourself, none of the songs use instruments either. Each beat is made from a different set of voices throughout each track on this EP.’

Building inspiration for these six tracks, much of it came from his long trips from Seattle to LA. Looking to connect with those who are caught up in the unrealistic expectations we see on social media, Myke’s music harps on the realities of life. 

Also looking to offer the truth about how beautiful this world we live in is, Rook uses his music to show his listeners his personal outlook on life. God and the spiritual world is a real way to relieve the pain and hardships life may throw at us, a common theme we see throughout Rook’s debut EP.  This collection is also a culmination of years of suffering and looking in the mirror for Myke. Having his brothers in Seattle support his vision and craft, this made it that much easier for Myke to pursue his passion full time. Not expecting a pause in Myke Rooks career any time soon, it would be a good idea to get in tune now, before it’s too late. Rooks music can be found via all major streaming platforms, especially “Akhapela Confessions” which has been receiving great feedback already.


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