Well Preserved 50,000 Year Old Cave Lion Cub Is Discovered In Siberia And Scientists Are Hoping To Clone It!

Russian scientists revealed a 20,000 to 50,000-year-old cave lion cub Thursday capable of being cloned and brought back from the depths of extinction. The cave cub was found on the bank of the Tirekhtykh River by a local resident, according to The Siberian Times. Researchers believe the cub died when it was around 2 months old.

One of the researchers told the Siberian paper its “perfect” condition makes it a potential candidate for cloning.

Video shows researchers taking the stiff furball out of a sinister-looking briefcase and presenting it to the press. There’s something both adorable and macabre when seeing the environmentally preserved cub in a state of eternal slumber. Russia should probably leave this little guy or girl alone and let its subspecies rest.

Via The Siberian Times:


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