O’Keefe’s “Reptar” Is Just What We Need

O’Keefe hasn’t been quiet since the death of George Floyd. His vocal points displayed on Instagram tells us how he really feels about social injustice. Furthermore, he has also been vocal on police brutality in the local area and around the world. O’keefe dropped his single Reptar over a year ago, but that song was a segway to what is going on around the world today. It is evident to say, O’keefe has never slept on the world around him, and continues to be vocal on his stance. This song is a much needed listen, and a perspective we all need to view, rather than the norm. So please open your ears, and take a listen To keep up with O’keefe you can follow him on Instagram @lilokeefe 

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/2zTsIWCRIuJP9eRfOdazkh?si=p_jVKfljTW6-Ca-kWlImfQ


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