R&B Singer Deontae Releases New Single “Body’s Callin'” Featuring Baby B

Deontae is an R&B singer hailing from Michigan & he is unstoppable! The singer was influenced by some of R&B’s greatest such as ChrisBrown, Jacquees, Trey Songz; you can instinctively hear the influence in his vocals and lyricism. His latest single, “Body’s Callin’” featuring Baby B, is a sensual homage to the soulful genre. “Body’s Callin’” will be featured on his next EP 2AM In Grand Rapids which is set to be released some time this year. In February of 2020, Deontae released his debut project 19 which amassed well over 200k plays on all streaming platforms; a huge feat for an upcoming artist.
“Body’s Callin’” is enticing—  the very direct message exclaims “your body’s callin’ me.” Just from those lyrics your imagination runs wild! R&B is such a soulful, expressive genre, this song is perfect to get you in that particular mood. Stay tuned for more to come for this inspiring talent.
Stream “Body’s Calling” below!

Stream below


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