Tampa’s Three D Swayze Releases New Project “King Boo!”

Artist Three D Swayze has been locked in and focused. He recently released a mixtape titled Kid Boo! with singles like “Star Fox 64” and “Boiled Peanuts”. Playing these bangers will have the listener hyped. Swayze states “Really when I come up with names for a track I usually just name it whatever I’m doing in the moment”, and I can relate to that. He says “because when I wrote the song I was in the middle of smoking and playing the game”. Swayze spent some time away for the majority of 2020 developing his artistry and has since delivered major content.

Coming up out of Tampa, FL, Swayze linked up with @youngfambeats through Instagram and got to work quick. The track “makes it simple for folks to ease into my new tape” Swayze expressed. Three D Swayze then displays a deeper side of himself, sharing that during the beginning of the projects Swayze gained inspiration from psychedelic experiences. His message: “The project represents the beginning and end of the acid trip, like it starts off anxiety driven and ends with self clarity and ease.”
Swayze started as an independent, single-driven artist though Swayze has gained genuine support and exposure throughout his journey. He is not afraid to get outside the comfort zone to create new sounds, this artist is constantly reaching for higher levels and new ways to connect with his fanbase. “Kid Boo!” the mixtape is out on all platforms.


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