A Must Hear “Astral Project” Arrived From Collective 88th And Súle

Artists 88thkey and Súle release “Astral Project”, the collaboration project. From the beginning of the album, one can notice that these artists flow w each other, it makes sense. The duo began linking up and would freestyle rap over Internet beats during late-night sessions at a Brooklyn photography studio. Building a friendship through their artistry. The project offers 12 fabulously produced tracks and lyrics that are not only catchy but also carry substance.

Throughout the project, the two artists incorporate skits and musical dynamics that make the project film-like. Allowing the listener to really hear the talent and gunuinity of the two. The track “4U” showcases their ability to talk about emotional experiences, showing depth. All of the records flow effortlessly together, amplifying the vibe. The messages and attention to public matters that they put into the music will have the listener engaged and locked in.

The underground hip-hop artists 88th and Súle first met in 2017 in the NY-based music collective ORGorNothing. They have developed over the years and are focused on reaching a higher level mentally, physically, and also spiritually. “We thought a lot about existential things, like the purpose of life and love and what those concepts mean to the both of us when we were cutting this album,” says Súle. 88th went on to say “Creating this album was life painting life. Each song was a different stroke of a 2-year journey”. Honestly, this was a beautiful listen and I encourage others to check out the project, it’s amazing.

“Astral Project” is a must-listen, find it on Spotify

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