“Bankrollstars.com is a website with purpose”

Bankroll Stars is a new website dedicated to bringing awareness to artists on how to find their success. We got a chance to talk to the founders of the website and got the details on the website. Check it out below

Bankrollstars.com is a website with purpose. The site will promote up and coming artists, their producers, and videographers. The site will allow fans to donate to artists, to support and fund the artist’s success.


Explain who you are for those who don’t know

Bankrollstars.com is a website with purpose. The site will promote up and coming artists, their producers, and videographers. The site will allow fans to donate to artists, to support and fund the artist’s success. The operation will generate immediate cash and funding for the artists. The site will encourage fans to support artists by offering weekly drawings to fans who donate. The site will quickly become an entertainment “hot spot” and will quickly grow with national exposure.

How did everything come to be?

It started as a good idea…. That developed into this great idea. Aaron Doyle is an entrepreneur at heart. He is driven to succeed. Aaron and his wife Andrea are committed to working for you. This executive team has the expertise, experience, and commitment to make the website a highly successful operation. Aaron recognized there was a need in the industry for artists to be able to share their quality work and gain support from their fans.

Where are you from?

We are located in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Home of the Kentucky Derby and home to some very seriously talented artists in all genres of music. Although we are making an impact in our local area – this website is for all markets. When you come to our City – shout us out! We would love to meet you!

What was the reasoning for starting the site?

We felt like there is a huge market for unsigned artists. There is so much talent that people never get to hear or see. This site will allow artists to reach every fan. Artist producers and videographers can show off their hard work and talent in a forum that everyone will appreciate. It will also allow artists to compel their fans to support them and allow them to support each other. There is no other website like bankrollstars.com. There are several share sites but none that allow the artists to profit and gain support and fans.

How can you help unsigned artists?

The first goal is to get the artists set up and ready to accept donations. Once the artists sign up, submit their videos and set up the merchant services account. We will promote the artist on our social media pages and website. We offer options to get more exposure, including paid commercials. We also offer incentives for fans and artists that donate. These incentives will include weekly drawings for merchandise, gift cards and exclusive prizes. We have plans to raffle off exclusive shoe releases, gift cards, cruise packages, smart TV’s and many more.

How can artists use your platform to their advantage? 

Artists can direct their fans to support them on our site. Once they are signed up they can start accepting donations immediately. They should begin telling their fans “go support me at bankrollstars.com”, they should mention bankrollstars.com in their videos and at live shows. They can use this platform to promote their selves and request support. The site will give artist another outlet to gain followers and receive revenue from them. The site will further promote the mission by continuing to fund promotions, drawings, raffles, and giveaways to encourage fans to continue to donate.

Why help artists? 

We believe Everyone started as a local artist, we have an entire community of unsigned amazing talent. Their fans, families and supporters love them and want them to succeed. All they need is support from each other and viewers to make it to the next level.

Where do you see this going? 

We have huge plans for this website. In the future we see bankrollstars.com award shows, premier artists for every genre, Paid advertising videos, and most importantly artists making money!

Anything you would like to say? 

We want to recognize the artists that have been rocking with us since the start. You will find music from Nate Gramz, Frost Vegas, J Dollasign Mack, Anez Stories, Mr. Hey Now, and Queen Truth featured on our website launch.

We will be debuting a world premiere video of Frost Vegas featuring Bryson Tiller’s hit single One Time. This video will only be on www.Bankrollstars.com! You will not want to miss This!

Any artist that signs up before May 30th will be guaranteed a spot on the launch date! And will be entered into a drawing to win a free promotion package worth $150 from Dream Music PR Firm. Don’t wait! Sign up today!

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