Behind The Music With @OgMusic7

Today we are going to take you behind the music and let you get to know Philly’s next to be heard – “OG MUSIC”

Check them out below –


Explain who you are for those who may not know?

OG MUSIC is a rap / entertainment organization developed in North Philadelphias Badlandz section by members Red Da OG (RED DOG), BLAK NITTI and SULTAN .


OG MUSIC has relentlessly been creating music for 10 years with extraordinary producers/engineers such as Jay Strong , Reese Murda and D. Future and recently developed a pipeline to ATL for producion by VETERAN BEATZ.

How would you define your sound?Ā 

OurĀ sound is initially determined by ourĀ producers creativity which is a wide range from trap to pop . The magic of the finished product comes from unforced chemistry that is developed either with conceptual songs or feel good andĀ turn up music


How did you guys get your start in music?Ā 

Hip Hop wasnt something that just popped up and fizzled out ; at the introduction it was integrated with every situation ,and thought process.

No matter what was going on in ourĀ lives, hip hop was that element that weĀ could not resist, hence ourĀ strategic creation for timeless songs.


Where do you guys find your inspiration?Ā 

The motivation for OG MUSIC is always the challenge to create a song better then the last and be competitive in the business.


Whats currently going on with you guys?

Our single HENNSSEY & HEINIKEN (HENNY & HEINY) landed on the ears of OSCHINO VASQUEZ who incidentally is flooding the game with non stop CDs blessed the track with his unique rapid fire style to the remix. He is one of the few artists that stays grounded and is visible in the streets so we reached out to OSCHINO and he complied immediately.

What are you working on?

OG MUSIC is currently working on final touches to new EP (untitled) with a series of videos and in the works of a mini tour on the East Coast


OG MUSIC is on the rise. Get down or lay down. Philly stand up.

Stay tunedĀ 

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