Donny Yaz – Daily Imaginations


An artist from Miami now residing for a while in San Diego, started rapping a couple years back and has now as of recent started to see some real changes, he did his first show opening for Desiigner on the Outlet Tour. He’s dropped his debut project “Daily Imaginations”. He’s really starting to find his rhythm in hip hop. Upon completion of the show he’s gotten some real recognition now waiting to continue his terror on more shows and gathering more fans on the way. As of right now he is currently on Lock Down in the military for reasons he nor his team would like to disclose. He’s extremely excited to be free again and drop another promo visual and a few dope tracks that he’s been working on. He says ” rap still hasn’t started to put money in my pockets, but it’s bringing me true happiness which is priceless. Now all I need is to meet Travis Scott my idol and I’ll be set”.  Be prepared for his release and what’s going to come after.

Listen to Donny’s latest project “Daily Imagination” here via iTunes: https://t.co/q2mJfIOUbl

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