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Intricate production with deep meanings produced exclusively by Mr. “Ryno” Adams of T.H.E. Honoroll. An interpolation of politics and self-worth, these 5 tracks are about as diverse as the group itself. T.H.E. Honoroll invites you to insert your own title, and form your own opinion on what our world is afflicted by today, and how we can change it.

You have to understand the world we are living in.

Change is within our reach as long as your not afraid to make effort.

This is what Mr. “Ryno” Adams of T.H.E. Honoroll is saying in this EP.

Overall, this EP was very different from others we have listened to lately.

I heard a lot of different metaphors and multiple rhyme patterns.

Through out certain parts I caught myself impressed with a few different bars.

The art work it’s self caught our attention from the jump.


T.H.E. Honoroll’s Mr. Adams brings a different style in this new EP.

All 5 tracks have a variety of different styles and vibes.

One of our favorite of the 5 tracks was track 2 “RIOT!

Mr Adams spits hardcore lyricism over some sickend production. Some of which he even produced himself.

Check out the full EP below and take a listen for yourselves.

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more music from Mr Adams & T.H.E. Honoroll in the future.

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Stay Tuned – HipHopsRevival

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