Everything you need to know about Newage Jerkboy

Newage Jerkboy is exactly what his name says. In a world of crazy rappers, this artist brings a new meaning to the word. I can honestly say, we have never connected with an artist so original and rare. His energy and style is WILD. We got a chance to link up with Jerkboy and got to know him. Check it out below

Cornelius Johnson better known as the black hippie rockstar “Newage Jerkboy” was born September 27th , 1994 in Fort Lauderdale , Florida. His dad was immigrant from Bahamas and mother from america. Cornelius was raised by the streets of Tater Town a well known neighborhood for drug activities and gun violence in the projects of Fort Lauderdale. He grew up very poor and got picked on in middle school because he was very different. Visiting his grand parents he listen listened to the best music idols of all time Jimmi Hendrix , Michael Jackson and Steven Taylor. He fell in love with skateboarding and music at the age of 12. At the age of 14 he began to break in houses and and dealing in credit card fraud and later on got locked up at the age of 16 for federal fruad charges where he served a year and two months at a juvenile detention facility.

In 2015 Cornelius began rapping with his childhood friend (Roschad Jenkins) better know as Cheezy Bout Cash. He later took his career serious after his lost his bestfriend Cris Nelson better known as “Hotboi Cris” to Cancer. At age 19 he link up with Keymo da eagle of COA Music Group and two friends from the local neighborhood and form a group know as the New Age Rockstackz.

Things started going well for group there popularity grew once they went viral two times on Facebook. A few months later the group members had there differences and called it quits which left Cornelius to hold the Newage Rockstar movement by hiself. He later went solo releasing tracks on YouTube and caught a wave then became very popular in his city. Stay tuned.

IG: Newage jerkboy
Twitter: @NewageCoa
Youtube: Newage jerkboy_coa



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