GAJ talks who he is, The Heartbreak Tape, his influences, music, & more

Today we bring you a new artist from Buffalo named GAJ. He is a fairly new artist to our ears but not to the game. His interest in music came early when his grandmother would leave the pots and pans out to play with. Motivated by his family, his goals are to build his platform. We talked with GAJ in an exclusive Q&A about his past, present, and future. Check it out below and be sure to stream his project “The Heartbreak Tape” 

Explain who you are for those who may not know?
Its Garrett aka GAJ, 22 year old artist on the come up out of Buffalo, NY.

How long have you been into music? 
I was interested early on. When my grandma would watch me she would leave the pots out to keep me entertained. However, I didn’t really start creating anything myself until I got to college.

What makes you different from other artists?
Im super relatable, I make a variety of music that lots of different types of people can relate too. I try to have a beginning, middle, and end to every verse and structure them so everyone can take something away from it. Im also for the kids, I try to be conscience about drug references and stuff like that Id rather tell stories. My sisters 7 she prefers that shit haha.

Who are your influences? 
Im influenced by everything and everyone I am around. Being an artist is about learning to adapt so right now I would say I would fit in the category of “soundcloud rap.” The sound I had originally was definitely influenced by rappers like Tupac, BIggie, Big Pun, and Eminem.
But then once I got on soundcloud in 2014-2015 I was like wow there is a crazy sound starting on here and my music evolved with artists like Uzi, Playboi, Yachty, Lil Peep, and NAV.

What Motivates You? 
My family, my mom works night and day man. My sister, I just want to see those two as happy and stable as possible.

What are your goals?
To grow my platform great enough to have influence and make a lasting change in music and our society.

Anything Else You Would Like to Say
My debut album “The Heartbreak Tape” is out everywhere you stream music now. The second part of The Heartbreak Tape series drops everywhere March 16th. “The Heartbreak Tape 2” is going to be 10 songs with 1 feature from the artist I just signed. It will be available everywhere you stream music!





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