Get to know: 2Txrnt

Tonight we bring you a new Q&A with 2xrnt.

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Explain who you are for those who may not know

Waz Gud this ya boy 2Txrnt formally known as ChoppaBoi Nick from Miami florida reppin 305 #RBG(RUDEBOYZ)

When did you get into music

I got into around like summer of 2011,but it wasnt nothing serious.We was just making shit rhyme and trying to record it on Audacity.we didnt even have a studio or nothing .It was me,Kweli,and Tray we was gone be like crime mob or some shit getting turnt,But then a couple months later Tray had passed from a gunshot wound in february of 2012,so ima say like December me and kweli got serious in which i dropped “Coastin” and “All This Money” in January of 2013 i was in 12th grade,SpaceGhostPurrp later reached out to me and started fucking with me heavy he basically put me on,he posted coastin on his youtube,he had people all around the world bumping “Coastin”Shit start taking flight after that..S/O to bra

Who are your influences

Eazy E,Bone Thugs,SGP,Tupac,Bob Marley,Michael Jackson,Future,Migos,Beanie Sigel,Lil Wayne,Pastor Troy,Phil Collins,John Lennon,Three6mafia,Pimp C,Bun B,Wiz Khalifa,Snoop Dogg,and Gucci Mane

What motivates you to grind

#RipTray#RipTrap #RipShakey #RipDoobies#RipMarlo #RipGrammys #RipGunna Rest In Peace to them all they the ones i do it for

What are you working on 

Evertything,im putting in work,Me and Chxpo got some Tracks dropping,Me and FlyMoney Toine(FrostBite) working on multiple tracks and RudeBoy Mixtapes

What’s next for you

Everything,im trying to put my team on and make everybody proud 2017 im outchea

Anything you would like to say to your fans

#Respect yall the ones that keep me going

Check out his music below: 

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