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Today we bring you a new Q&A and music video from Texas artist $haq

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Explain who you are for those who may not know

For people who don’t know I’m an upcoming from artist “$haq” from the H. Don’t forget the $ in front the haq


How did you first get into music?

To keep it real, I wasn’t even into rapping around freshman year of high school, it was strictly hooping. I would freestyle wit my potnas in school or at a function and everybody just fed into it. From that moment On I fell in love with the rush from the Crowd when they hearing my music, I knew it was for me .

Who are some people to influence you?

Who are my influences, man as far as keeping my head on straight I gotta say my moms and pops they taught me right from wrong. When it comes to music influence, J.Cole , Big Sean, YFN Lucci, and Dizzy Wright. I’m all about getting to the check and keeping the peace

Who are some people who motivate you?

My moms, pops Kaye , and my potnas my biggest motivators, well besides the check aha. They been wit me through the struggle and the come up and I couldn’t trade that for the world

What are you working on?

I can’t really give out too much info on release dates or nun like that but just know 2017 BAM making noise and we applying pressure. We just tryna bring hip hop back and get it by any means

Can you tell us whats next?

I can really say 2017 my breakout year cause I’ll be releasing my very first mixtape called “BAM” By any Means. I got so much shit that’s cooking up in the lab from The 90’s vibe all the way to the new trap vibe to where I can catch the older crowd and the younger crowd, SXSW17is def a goal for me and I gotta get it.

What is your opinion on todays music industry?

My honest opinion on today’s music is it’s definitely creative and flashy but most of these new upcoming artist lack bars . Trap music really taking over and to keep it ahunnid it’s killing the rap game and changing a lot of views on HipHop. If you not doing the shit you say in your music what’s the point of lying to your fans.

Do you have anything to want to say to the fans?

The message I have to my fans is Keep rocking wit me and the whole #BAM (By any Means) movement . Without y’all I wouldn’t be where I am today. Check out the new “Way It Go” Video Just DROPPED so ‼️ stay tuned

Stream more via SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/jshaq/

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