Get to know: BIR

Today we bring you an artist that goes by the name of BIR 

Get to know more about him below 


Explain who you are for those who may not know

I’m BIR or Because.It’s.Real From UR/UnderRated.

When did you get into music

I got into music real young Like many other Artist but I started writing on my own @ 9years young.

Who are your influences

My Influences are the The Roc/StateProp, The Lox & RuffRyders, The Roots & The Fugees.

What motivates you to grind

What motivates me is my everyday struggle,My Family, and my Team ! I’m just trying to take us to bigger and better places. Before we fall victim to these traps being set out here.

What are you working on

Right now I’m working on A Group Ep with UR. That’s Me, SOS, Cheekie & RaRa maybe a few features from the Snow Gang, Lou Porter & Big Leek. Immediately after that I’m gone give em Bir “Best Has Yet to Come” A Mixtape filled with verses from all my best work to date.

What’s next for you

Whats Next??? I mean the Sky is the Limit!

Anything you would like to say to your fans

Just stay tuned in ! The best has yet to come. UR now Witnessing Greatness

Stay tuned

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