Get to know: @Capo_Williams

Capo Williams is an aspiring artist reigning out of Middletown DE. He’s dropping an EP called “A Year Later” on February 17th, which is also his birthday. His music reflects how he lives his life. You won’t hear much about selling drugs or killing in his music. He’s more of a “Turn Up” type of rapper. He explains, “I talk about partying & fucking chicks cause that’s what I do. I’m not out running the streets wildn’ out. When I’m out mobbin wit my boys it’s for a good time. We with the positive vibes. You feel me? My music reflects that. I want people to listen to my music and wanna go get lit & enjoy themselves.” He started off rapping with his friend Seth Malik in high-school & has been rapping since then.

Stream his music below

Stay tuned.

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