Get to know: D $hade

Tonight we bring you a new artist named D $hade

Get to know a little more about him below: 


Explain who you are for those who may not know

Well I’m part of a group called Dopi GANG which includes me D$hade, Mcrimmon, and my nigga nuddiejeanz.We make dope vibe music that niggas can fuck with honestly

When did you get into music

I mean we all from Brooklyn so that like music roots right there, but personally speaking I always been into rappping since a kid. I just started taking this serious like a couple months ago so I tried it and people fuck with my shit.

Who are your influences

My influences are rich the kid that nigga always talking that money talk. logic, migos , fabulous, a lil bit of famous dex I cant even lie.

What motivates you to grind

What motivates me to grind is this is something everybody in DOPI is passionate about like we understand that music can speak to people in different ways. Also I’m tryna give my siblings a star to look up too, I never had that. I have to watch tv to find someone to look up too but if they someone they know doing some great, they going wanna look up to me and be some great them selves.

What are you working on

Right now I’m working on releasing more music/videos gaining more fans. And soon do a mixtape.

What’s next for you

What next is I’m trying to put my songs on world star so I can get that attention that DOPI is well deserved.

Anything you would like to say to your fans

To my fans y’all know we fuck With y’all keep that support coming. Y’all showing love on the gram. Anytime I put snippets up or dmMe telling me y’all fuck with it so that continue to motivate me even more.

Stream his new music video below:

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