Get to know: Dez Lansky

Tonight we bring you a dope new artist from Chicago named Dez Lanksy


Chicago is known for a lot of things.

Some may think of the beautiful  things such as the city, the great food, the artists. While others think more of the bad such as the poverty, violence, and murders.

Dez Lansky is a dope new artist from Chicago thats unlike a lot of the other artists thats coming out in his region right now.

He combines all points of view in his music with dope lyricism and skill. 

Music is a way of life for Dez and it is also his way out.

He is very passionate and works hard to create a product that satisfies his fans.

He grew up in a house of music and was heavily influenced by artists such as Big L, DMX, Jay Z, & more. 

Dez really just does it for the culture and everything it represents.

Stay tuned for Dez Lanksky and be sure to follow him on all social media @dezlansky

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