Get to know: Eujeezy

Tonight we bring you a dope new artist by the name of Eujeezy.


Eujeezy GOAT is LA’s next big artist. He uses his clever wordplay to reel you in and keep you fully engaged like a dear in the headlights. He is a trendsetter and is not afraid to explore his creative limits because that is what makes him unique. You can tell when he raps that he was influenced by artist like Eminem , KRS-ONE , Jay-Z , Biggie Smalls, and Tupac the forefathers of Hip Hop each one grasping you with a different style just like eujeezy does. This is an artist that will not tolerate being in a box so don’t categorize him just let him captivate you with his undeniable talent.

Check out some of his music below 

Stay tuned 

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