Get to know: Juju on the Beat

Tonight we share with you a producer who goes by the name of Juju on the Beat. Native to Brooklyn, he landed in the industry as a model for South Pole Clothing Line as well as having spreads in magazines such as XXL. He also gained appearances in music videos during his time as a model.


He decided to focus on music after losing interest in his successful modeling career. It was time for his next goal, music production and development. 

‘Juju on the beat’ specializes in beats that range from current millennial trap, hard hitting street, edgy pop, to modern new jack swing with an r&b angle. He has already worked in collaboration with producers such as Dom Staxx, Myles William, and more.

We expect to hear a lot and see a lot from Juju in the future.

Check out his production/beats here: http://www.jujuondabeatz.com/home.html

Twitter: @jujuondabeat7

Instagram: juju_on_da_beatz

Stay tuned 

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