Get to know: @kalonoisdirt

Tonight we bring you a new artist that goes by the name of Black August. 


Get to know a little more info about him below:

My name is Black August, I’m a Hawthorne rapper in California. I was born in New Rochelle, New York. Even tho I was born in April, I picked “Black August” because “Black April” sounds ridiculous. I’ve always loved music, but I mean who doesn’t. I just felt like it was in me to do it. Once I got that text from my friend saying “you wanna rap?” my life hasn’t been the same. I’m influenced by all kinds of artist but I’ll say the one that really got me was Tyler The Creator. It wasn’t his style of rap that influenced me it was his personality that showed that he was just a regular dude

Stream some of his music below:

Stay Tuned

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