Get to know: @Kha_Leef

Tonight we bring you a dope new artist from philly that goes by the name of Kha Leef.

We got the chance to do a Q&A with him.

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Explain who you are for those who may not know

My name is Kha-Leef, just a passionate and very outspoken but yet humble musician trying to shift the culture and create my own lane in not only Hip Hop but also in Philadelphia.

How did you get your start in music?

Not to go too deep nor too definitive but I believe back in about 2007-2008 when I returned to Philly from being in an all boys group home out Williamsport, PA. Linked up with my brother Reckless Rio who was a child hood friend who is also an MC and did some slight shit with a development company but that situation never went in any direction. Life took a toll (typical black man story, homeless, shoot outs, fucking bitches, no father, mother on crack, etc) and I didn’t pick music back up on a serious level until about late 2014-2015. And now here we are!! 😉

Where do you find your inspiration?

In everything! I feel like every musician has to have a very stringent level of sensitivity to create the most heart felt emotionally driven music. Because all in all, that’s the music that has the longevity and marks time!! Feel me!?!

Where do you look for motivation?

Understanding why I’m here. Having both of my eyes closed while having the most important one open 😉!! And wanting to be able to provide for my family because that’s what being tough looks like to me!!

What was it like for you growing up in Philly?

Divergent!! A lot of similarities to the typical metropolitan area dude which is why I’ll always be able to relate even to the lowest mindset of poverty, but even being a black kid in philly I always stood out to the most unconventional crowds and dated the most “exotic” (if you will lol) women!! My first crush back in 1st grade was Dominican.. I was into different shit even as a buck and I was just always on some other shit!! I was the type of kid to have good grades but still get suspended every other week!! Lol

How did growing up there help mold you as an artist?

It gave me my story that most of these rappers and even these regular degular people can’t fuck with!! It’s my greatest weapon in life and especially in this music business!! People gravitate to that authentic story more than anything and people tend to listen to the mufucka they can relate to more!!

What are you currently working on?

Breaking the cycle. Establishing wealth and creating a brand that can mark time to feed my kids, kids, kids, kids. Kids, kids, kids, kids type shit!!

What is your recording process like?

Simple! Me and the engineer but on some occasions a few people can come watch the magic lol.. But as far as the actual process of creating the context and substance, nothing is pen to pad!! Haven’t written a rap since 09!

What can we expect from you in the future?

Major moves, collabs, partnerships, interviews, music, shows, videos, more #MyGeneration vlogs, networking and building contacts, events, more media presence in a positive light to establish that worldwide foundation, my single “411” available everywhere very soon, my project and vocal film #MyGeneration available everywhere very soon, meeting Hov, fucking these industry chicks, merchandise with my partner and brother ISPNP, but most importantly the behind the scenes more entrepreneurial tangible moves that’ll feed the fam for the next 100 generations!!

Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Always chase your dreams and be yourself! People can be anybody but you!! And always remember, a lesson is a mistake you learned from and a mistake is a lesson you didn’t learn from!! Blessings from the most high!! Kha,



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