Get to know: King Bone


Explain who you are for those who don’t know
King Bone, Born and raised in Aurora Illinois. I’m an October baby, Libras stand up! I’m part of Next Records out of New York, I’m a God fearing father of one, and a hustler 24/7.

How did you come up with your name?
Originally I went by my hometown name, “T Bone” but the Christian rapper named, “T-bone” started getting jealous when I built a name for myself. So, I felt it was more powerful to call myself King and keep the Bone at the end of it. Crazy thing is I had never even heard of the other T-bone until he was calling me out on social media.

Where are you from?
630, Aur-City, better known as Aurora Illinois. It’s about an hour away from Chicago. We are actually the second largest city in Illinois which most people are unaware of. First is Chicago of course, we follow right behind.

Whats it like growing up where your from?
Most people think because we are considered a suburb that it’s nice, non-violent, boring, and not too many ethnic groups. Aurora is far from that. My city is just as hood as any other city just less populated. It’s really split between East side and West side. They’ve been at war with each other for some years now. I’m from the West side but thankfully I’m cool with everybody. I get love everywhere and from everybody in Aurora. It’s not too many people that can say that especially other artist. It’s just about how you carry yourself. If you come to Aurora thinking it’s sweet your in for a rude awakening.

How did you get into music?
I really started getting into music my sophomore year in high school. A few of my friends were rappers and kind of talked me into trying it. All my teachers use to tell me my voice would get me far but I never really understood what they meant by it. As soon as I stepped to that mic, I found out! First it was just for play but as I got older, more mature, and more intelligent, I used music as a way to vent and tell my story. That’s when I really fell in love with it.

What makes you different than other artists?
What I feel makes me stand out is my work ethic. I feel talent is only half the battle. There is a ton of talented artist but how many of them are willing to die about being successful? Not many. I’ve invested time and money into my own music since day one. When major labels turned me down I kept grinding and building a following for myself. Most give up because it’s hard to really be successful in music. I have a non-quitters attitude and I stuck too it regardless of the level of difficulty. That’s what makes me different.

What are you currently working on?
Right now I got an EP in the works, dropping over the next few months. Other than that I’m just going to continue to drop singles before the EP. I got a few surprise features people are going to love as well as some very talented producers. Be on the look out because it’s about to get crazy!

Anything you would like to say?
Last but not least I just want to say thank Hip Hop Revival for showing me love. Follow me on social media, everything @KingBoneSMG, much love to my Stunt Money Gang family, Next Records, and of course my wonderful supporters because I do this for them! Aurora stand up!

Site: http://www.kingbonesmg.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingBoneSMG
Facebook: https://facebook.com/KingBoneSMG
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KingBoneOfficialVEVO
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kingbonesmg
Instagram: http://instagram.com/kingbonesmg
iTunes: bit.ly/KBCatalog
Spotify: bit.ly/KingBone

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