Get to know: Matthew Brandon

Today we bring you an artist with a purpose. Motivated by the loss of a friend, he puts all of his heart into his music to create an alternative world for those who listen. Learn more below



Explain who you are for those who don’t know

I Can Be Jaded, Cynical, Angry and Aggressive, But I Can Also Be Hopeful, Honest, Introspective, and Humble. As A Rapper I’m kind of a contradiction, I’m controversial, I’m an Oxymoron, I Feel Like The Third Side Of A Story

How did you come up with your name?

My Name Was Given To Me At Birth, My John Doe Is Matthew Brandon Rubinstein, But My Stage Name Is Actually A Tribute and Honor To My Best Friend, Brother, Brandon. His Tragic Death Changed My Life, I Was Into A Lot Of Shit At The Time My Friend Died, So His Death Made Me Grateful and Humbled For My Own Life, I Made The Promise To Honor Him By Committing To This Dream, This Rap, This Pedestal, This Platform, This Opportunity.

Where are you from?

Im From New Yawk Baby. I Wake Up At 5:40am Daily, I Eat Bagels With My Coffee Every ‘Cot Damn Morning, I Work On The Upper East Side In Midtown Manhattan, The Atmosphere In The Air is Rude AF and So Are The People I Deal With Everyday, What Do Ya Know? It’s New York City, Everyone Really Is Always In A Rush. I Proceed To Ride Back and Forth To and From The Bronx Twice A Day Until I Finally Get Home, I Write For The Next Four Hours In My Bedroom, Brush, Rinse, Repeat. It’s A Lifestyle.

Whats it like growing up where your from?

I Grew Up On The Upper Most West Side. My neighborhood “Riverdale” Is Very Different Depending On Where Your Home Is. Riverdale Is Big…Like 40-50 Blocks Long Which Is A Couple Of Miles… It’s Basically An Aesthetic Mixture Of The Hamptons, The Catskill Forests, Boogie Down Uptown, Suburbia, and The West Village, All In One!

How did you get into music?

Referencing My Homie Brandon Here, Brandon and I Used To Rap In School Like Everyday in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade. We even wrote a rap called Broadway together, that hook from 13 years ago inspired me to write an actual track…and it’s Pretty Lit…BROADWAY, BROADWAY, 235Th & BROADWAY, I BE PUTTING ON FOR MY PEOPLE OFF BROADWAY !

What makes you different than other artists?

Man If You Can’t Tell By Now What Makes Me Different From Other Artists Man You’re Tripping ! I’m About This Life. It’s Different For Me, I Want To Tell People About My Experiences Growing Up In Such An Influential, Immense, And ill City. I’m Not Fronting Anyone, Im Dedicated To HipHop Culture, Im Cutting Out The Middle Man, Im 100% Independent, I Manage Myself, I Own Or Share All The Copyrights To My Original Works, I’m Making The Sacrifices To Make My Imagination a Reality. That’s What Makes Me Different

Anything you would like to say?

All I Want To Do Is Continue To Show People My Life Musically and Visually.
New Photos, New Videos, New Songs, Are All In The Works. I’ve Been Collaborating A Lot With German Producer Kahuna Soul, We Met On SoundCloud like Two Years Ago and We’ve Been Making Tracks Ever Since, We Have A Few Songs On The Way That Will Take Everyone By Surprise. I feel That Confidently…

Stream Matthews latest track “Revolutionary Suicide” via Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/mobinsilence/revolutionary-uicide-prod-nitro

Follow on Social Media: @MobInSilence 


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