Get to know: @Rocko_Finesse


Rocko Finesse is ready to turn heads and become an influential force in hip hop. Hailing from the east side of Richmond VA, the 20 year old MC has been making music and turning heads with his style ever since a kid. “Its something I’ve always thought was in the cards for me, everyone has something they’re made to do and for me it was music” Finesse claims. Starting initially in the battle rap scene, Rocko Finesse has slowly made his transition into music, being known for his playful and energetic style as well as his unique voice. Although having released many unofficial works, Finesse’s first project ‘Temporary Forevers’ is set to release next month, collaborating with the likes of ID Labs and more. Stay tuned to see what the future has for thus young MC

Stream some of his music here: https://t.co/1GgECOje3e


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