Get to know: @SelfMadeDaCrew

SelfMadeDaCrew is an American Hip Hop Group from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Composed of 4 group members, Flashy Dinero, Trubandz, Mino’, and Scootie.

Each member of the group attends University of West Georgia. Their music has spread throughout the city of Atlanta, one college at a time.

They released their first Mixtape, “It’s A Self Made Thang” in 2012. They have released numerous videos on youtube and have the first 3 installments from their CrewShit EPs on Spinrilla.com.


We got a chance to conduct an exclusive Q&A with SelfMadeDaCrew and got to learn more about the group. Check it out below:

Explain who you are for those who don’t know 

SelfMadeDaCrew is a Rap Group from East Atlanta, GA. Made up of 4 childhood friends (Flashy, Trubandz, Mino, and Scootie) who go to the University of West Georgia. SelfMadeDaCrew other wise known as “Crew” are known to throw the Most Lit Parties on the campus which essentially is an outlet to promote their music. They have a clothing line that has done extremely well throughout the city of Atlanta and numerous college campuses. SelfMadeDaCrew has several connections with different host and DJs in the city of Atlanta that push their singles in the clubs.

How long have you been doing music 

This is our 4th year grinding to be the best. Each year we’ve progressed and we not gonna change that going into 2017.

Who are your influences 

As far as in the industry, I look at the moguls as my influences. I look at people like Hov and Puff who’ve tra

What are you currently working on

Right now we’re focused on getting our visuals out to our fans and hoping to grow our fanbase with each song and visual we drop. The Tape that we’re working on now is called CrewGotDaJuice and we’re planning on dropping it Spring of 2017.

What motivates you 

The memory of people telling me it couldn’t happen.
Being proved wrong isn’t something I like very much. So when I tell people what my dreams are and express to them how important these dreams and goals are to me and they don’t take me or my vision serious, then I feel motivated to prove them wrong.

How do you define your sound 

Our sound is something new and different for this generation because I feel like each member of SelfMadeDaCrew has there own sound but each still has that Atlanta flavor.

What’s next for you?

There is so much…

New Music
New Videos
New Clothes
Short Films
More Events

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