Today we bring you a very cultural artist by the name of SKATECITYHAFFA.This is one artist whose work is really paying off.

Move after move, he proves he is built for this game. 

Check out some info on him below: 

SKATECITYHAFFA born as Rafael Pereira has an interesting course when it comes to his talent. He first started making a name for himself in the skateboarding scene. He has worked with G-shock, Zoo York and many more brands.


Born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts. The 26 year old entrepreneur has come a long way from the streets of Lowell, MA and has painted many pictures throughout his music. His music expresses a well defined lifestyle of being trapped in the system, incarceration, and betrayal.

Now a father to two beautiful daughters “HAFFA” has most recently released his first EP titled “Im On My Way” on iTunes and other major distribution platforms. “SKATECITY” is a nick name he gave “Mill City” for the amount of Inspired skateboarders throughout Lowell, MA. Keep a look out for “HAFFA” as he continues to work on music and skateboarding.


Stay tuned 

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