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“The Valedictorian” is Don Badgett’s intellectual ode to Hip-Hop putting him in a class of his own. As a young kid his affinity for intelligent word play produced by Hip-Hop greats he has produced a distinct sound dedicated to bringing light to social issues, but most importantly, an album that reflects on the benefits of his listeners seeking advanced opportunities in education. 

And, due to his challenges in the classroom and the law he’s been an inspiration to thousands across the country. along his journey realized that if he wanted to change the masses through the music he would attain a bachelors degree.

While attending Benedict College he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has propelled himself to not only earning the title as Hip-Hop’s valedictorian, but a business man He uses both his experiences as a kid who had challenges with the law and his advancement in the entertainment industry to inspire his dialogue with each of his listeners.


“The Valedictorian,” his first EP, stands out because of his passion for education in and out of the
classroom defying the myth that Hip-Hop heads can’t be both scholars in the street and behind a desk. With his recent release he’s gained a solid footing as an artist and is currently working on his first mixtape entitled,

“Freedom Is Not Free,” which will be an extension of his current work. He’s been featured in magazines such as Concieted and has performed in various concerts from NY to Denver to California.

Don Badgett will release his next mixtape “Freedom Is Not Free” early 2017 followed by his LP in late summer.

Twitter: @thereal_donb

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