Get to know: @trapGee74

Background information
Birthname: Robert King
Also known as T.R.A.P
Born april 19,1986
Chicago,illinois U.S
Occupation Rapper-RecordProducer
Years active 2009-Present

Robert King(Born April 19,1986 better known by his stage name T.R.A.P

(Take Risk And Prosper) is an American rapper from Chicago,Illinois (Resided in Minnesota, St.Paul)

He is known to Destroy his competition as well as the track with his mile a minute chopper style flow.

Trap made history with his hit “Us Against The City” Reaching over 200,000 views on youtube(and counting) it was a challenge choosing between the streets and his career but once trap seen alot of his music team mates began to get locked up for 15-30 year sentences for drug/ Murder charges he decided he was all in with this music.

Stream his song “Opps Strike A Pose” below

Stay tuned. 

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