Get To Know Music Executive JC “Fentz” Louis

Get To Know Music Executive JC “Fentz” Louis

JC Louis, the driving force known as “Fentz,” offers more than a decade of accomplishments and experience in the music and film industry. Born in St. Louis, Haiti he would be the eldest of three children. In 1981 his parents migrated to the United States and music became the biggest impact in Louis’s life with the birth of Hip Hop. Now living in New York, the Creole speaking Louis was able to witness a new culture on the streets of his neighborhood from his living room window. Break-dancers, rappers, and beat-boxers were everywhere. Like many other young visionaries, Louis fell in love with the Hip Hop movement and culture in NYC. 

Being the consummate perfectionist, Fentz continued to raise his company’s brand and involve himself in every aspect of the business. His success includes a stream of radio hits by well-known artists throughout the industry. In 2007 Fentz expanded his portfolio, establishing Iconz Films. Here he wrote and produced the independent film “Bloodline”. Fentz then inked a worldwide distribution deal with Code Black Entertainment/ Universal and The Next Hit, starring Fredro Starr, Rick Ross and Lark Vorhies, which was released by Lionsgate. The film’s urban and gritty content got rave reviews and established a cult following. 

Today Fentz and partners Ron and Howard Albert have taken on a new venture to operate Audiovision, a state-of-the-art music and film post production studio in the heart of downtown North Miami, Florida. With the help of Commissioner Keyon Hardemon and Keith Clinkscales of Revolt TV, Fentz has established “Beyond The Spotlight”, a youth empowerment and education program that teaches kids self-worth and gives them a behind the scenes look at the entertainment industry. Fentz also recently signed deals with emerging talents Pilly Mae and DJEFX. Fentz is an innovative creator and visionary who has paved his own way and built his own platform while successfully mentoring individuals and artists throughout the independent entertainment industry in Miami.



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