Get to know: Safari Foxe from BodyBySafari

Safari Foxe is an entrepreneur & non-surgical lipo tech from Atlanta, GA. She is best known for her non-surgical lipo service company Body By Safari @bodybysafari.

Describing herself as a body sculptor, her company uses non-invasive procedures to remove body fat, tighten skin, and remove cellulite. In a world dominated by beauty and appearance, this service is much needed in the entertainment industry. Based in Atlanta, Body By Safari offers various procedures and sessions to meet your needs. This brand and professionalism displayed by Safari Foxe is giving her a name in the Atlanta beauty scene. This new venture has put a staple in the beauty market to allow her to expand her brand all over the world.  To keep up with SafariFoxe, you can follow her on Instagram @safarifoxe and you can follow her company  @bodybysafari.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/safarifoxe

Business Instagram: www.instagram.com/bodybysafari

Website: www.bodybysafari.com


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