Indy Spotlight: Billz aka Ski Mask Billz


Explain who you are for those who don’t know

I go by the name of Billz aka Ski Mask Billz, A Swedish rapper with north African origin. I decided to wear a ski mask to hide my identity for the public for many reasons but mainly so I can enjoy my time with family and my boys in peace. For those who don’t know me I was born in North Africa but was raised in a hood named ”Brandbergen” out in south of south Stockholm.

Where are you from 

I’m based in Sweden, Stockholm, in a hood called Brandbergen.

What is life like there 

It’s all good and bad in the same time. I’d say you got good parts like the unity between most of us, to a lot of football (Soccer) talents and professional players who’s putting on for the hood in a positive way, And then you got the bad which the beefs between some of us, to the drug game which got day one friends robbing and shooting at each other, so we got it all from the good to the bad.

Have you always been a fan of HipHop 

As far as I can remember yea, Got introduced at a young age by my cousin who was living out in Canada at the time, He put me on to some Dipset, Shyne, Nas and many more.

When did you start rapping 

I started rapping for fun 2009 just to rep my squad but got serious with this shit later in time.

Who are your influences 

One of my biggest influences is ”Kalash Criminel” a french rapper who also rocks a ski mask, for what reasons I don’t know tho’ but he’s the reasons I got my ski mask on, So gotta pay homage when its due.

Describe your sound 

I’d say my sound is a European trap sound. Can’t say i’ve heard anybody with the same sound out in the states yet.

What motivates you 

My Daughter

What are you working on 

Right now I’m working on my EP ”No Face No Case” which drops early this year. 7 tracks mixed with a foreign slang you ain’t never heard before.

What is your opinion on your country’s HipHop culture?

It’s actually better than ever before, We got rappers from every hood today putting on and repping to the fullest, A lotta names buzzing in the Swedish rap scene such as ”Kushtrim, Mwuana, Dree Low, and many more.

Do you think it’s harder for international artists to gain decent exposure?

Both yes and no, It all depends on your moves and what kind of strategy you got.

Anything else you would like to say?

I wanna give a big shout out to my home ”Brandbergen” because at the end of the day I do it for them, My team ”Kushtrim and Naasty” who’ve helped me find and develop my sound and my day one’s Major, Dalil, M.L. Marre, Adil, Lambo, Yasin, Pa Dibba, and many more. Follow on IG: @SkimaskBillz


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