Indy Spotlight: BoyBoyBumaye



Explain who you are for those who dont know

-When I first started rapping my rap name was D-Boy (Dopeboy) I got it from the streets.. I was real heavy with coke so the name stuck like glue… I later started dabbling with heroine in my city it got a thousand names but boy is one of the few and BoyBoy is what I ran with from my ventures in the Boy game… Bumaye (Bo-Maye) is African for “Kill him”, and that’s what I do when I touch the mic “KILL EM” so I am BoyBoyBumaye

Where are you from?

– Indianapolis Indiana

What’s it like growing up where your from? 

-It’s hard being a street nigga where I’m from… It’s even harder for a DREAMER.. its like if you got that GLOW or have something that the next man don’t got, you’re automatically a target. And that’s from NIGGAS and POLICE.. Murder is normal. The money ain’t plentiful and this muthafucka is too small..

How did you get into music?

– I fell in love with music when I first heard “Snoop Doggy Doggs Doggystyle” Album… Every since then I’ve been putting words together

What makes you different than other artists?

-I have a different sound my craft is unique.. I have my own lane.. I try not to imitate the stuff that’s going on now.. I love the music that’s poppin now I just try not to mimic that sound you gotta bring ya thinkin cap & thesaurus when you pop me in ya deck.

What are you currently working on?

-I’m in the process of releasing my upcoming project “Trap Yahweh” I have mane singles I plan to soon release as well.

Anything you would like to say? 

-I just  wanna let the world and anybody listening know, I’m in this to be a great at the same time get a check.. I’m puttin on for the city that NEVER loved me back. That’s why my upcoming mixtape series is titled  “Trap Yahweh”.. I’m coming back from the dead to save the game and change the HELL thats been happening in my city.. I want to SPREAD the LOVE, not take off and FORGET about my city…

IG @boyboybumaye4

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