Indy Spotlight: Dre-Yae


Tonight we bring you a new artist that goes by the name of Dre-Yae. He is a true talented hustler. 

Dre-Yae is a Detroit, Michigan, hip hop artist and proud father. He began his music mission after two successful tours in the Iraqi freedom war on terror, where he received medals and honors. His love for music was instilled in him through his grandfather, the late George Dixon lead singer for the 1970s Motown music sensation the Spinners. Dre-Yae is also the nephew of Henry Dixon from the Originals.


Dre-Yae proves that he can craft a gripping record which has all of the luster of his earlier endeavors, and then some, and that he can be far better than many of his Hip Hop peers when he puts his head to the wheel.

This is one artist you don’t want to sleep on. We expect him to break a lot of barriers in the future. 

Stream his music now via ReverbNation 

Follow on Twitter: @dxona

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