Indy Spotlight: Grainz North

Rising Toronto 21-year-old Trap Artist, Grainz North coming from East Scarborough’s North Galloway neighborhood releases audio for “Going Thru Hell” ft. Major produced by Taz Taylor Beats off his upcoming EP “The Way Out”. The latest single is a follow up to his recent release “Entrepreneur” that dropped last month. The new single “Goin Thru Hell” is a catchy relatable song detailing the trials and tribulations leading to turmoil in a relationship. The hard-hitting production, smooth vocals, and raw emotion conveyed in this track will definitely resonate with listeners.

Soundcloud Link – https://soundcloud.com/grainznorth/goin-thru-hell-grainz-north-ft-major-mp3

Twitter – https://twitter.com/GrainzNorth


Read our full q&a interview with Grainz below:

Explain who you are for those who don’t know?

My name is Grainz North. I am a Hip hop Artist from Toronto. More specifically, from North Side, Galloway area located in Scarborough.

How did you come up with your name?

I came up with my name because growing up people around me always said when I performed or spit my lyrics, they felt it. So, I realized early on that I had the ability to move people with my words. Most people when they hear the name “Grainz,” automatically think of ammunition. However, my name is a metaphor for just having the ability to impact/hit people with my music. I added “North” to my name because being raised in North Side Galloway (NSG) and I’m coming from the North (Canada) also in North America.

Where are you from?

North Side Galloway, Scarborough (Toronto).

Whats it like growing up where you’re from?
It’s real. Growing up where I am from is no joke. It’s not easy, especially because both my parents passed away before I turned 16. It’s just been my brothers and me, but I love how tight my community is and how we support each other. The love I get from my neighborhood and close friends is what motivates me to keep going and continue to put out music. My brother Jerz and I started our own company The Way Out Inc., and it became a movement in our neighborhood. You will always hear my team and me saying #WayUp #TheWayOut. Everyone is trying to invest their time in something they are passionate about and can help get them out the hood. S/O my whole team and the man dem in Galloway, dun know.

How did you get into music?

I started writing music at 11 years old. But then I stopped because I was occupied with other stuff. When my father passed in my arms, I needed an outlet to express my self. Anyone that knows me, can you tell I don’t talk much; I’m real quiet but observant. The passing of my father ignited a passion in me to stay occupied and focus on music. It was also a way for me to communicate and share my lived experiences and about stuff going on around me and in society.
What makes you different than other artists?

I am a critical thinker, versatile artist and I write my music. I’m very engaged in every creative and business aspect of my music and The Way Out Inc. I put a lot of thought into my lyrics, and I speak on real shit happening. But I can also make music that can people moving in the club. I am also a fan first of my music before I decide to put it out there. Sometimes, I just listen to my music because it’s helping me get through the day. It feels nice when people hit me up like that track made me feel good, or say they can relate to what I’m talking about in my music.

What are you currently working on?

Now, I am working on releasing my EP, The Way Out, set to drop in fall 2017. Also, I have a music video for “Entrepreneur” and “Goin Thru Hell” coming out soon. Look out for more music, videos and some other news.

Anything you would like to say?

I just want to say appreciate this interview with Hip Hops Revival and the support from the U.S and Toronto blogs, as well DJ’s, Producers, Radio stations, my fans, The Way Out team and my Publicist Arifah. You can stay updated with my music, videos and get to know me better off my social media sites. Everything is under my name Grainz North. If you want merchandise, my team is pushing The Way Out shirts, email thewayout6@gmail.com to place an order. #WayUp #TheWayOut

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