Indy Spotlight: ILLA-DA1 

ILLA-DA1 is a new artist from Chicago who just wants to find a way out. He is a humble, hard working, artist, who invests both his time and money into his passion. We first connected with him via Twitter and his music stuck out to us. He’s very talented and has a lot of potential. We got a chance to sit down with him and talk his motivations, goals, inspirations, and more. Read the full Q&A below: 

Explain who you are for those who may not know

Where you from?
IM From the west side of Chicago

How did you get your start in music?
I started music from watching my older brother he was rapping before me and I wanted to be like him that’s how I started

How long have you been making it?
I’ve been making music since I was 10

Who are your influences?
I am influenced by 2 pac , biggie , lil Wayne , Cam Ron, Wiz Khalifa those are my favorite rappers and are the ones that influenced me to take it serious

What motivates you?
I’m a father so I’m motivated by my kids if it wasn’t for my kids I don’t think I would be who I am today they make me work harder cause they didn’t ask to be here so I’ll do what ever it takes to make sure they life is better than mine also my mother she did everything she can to make sure my brother and sister life was good even though she didn’t have much she still kept us in nice clothing and shoes and she worked her ass off to do it

What are you currently working on?
Right now I’m just focusing on putting out great content as far as music and doing my best to stay in the studio and dropping more and more videos i have two mixtapes out already one with Dj moondawg the other with Dj holiday they both had great feedback but as of now I don’t think I’m ready to release another project in just focused on building my brand the rest will come in due time

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself with Great credit hopefully married also owning property with a nice house with my family in it I don’t want to still be rapping in 5 years I want to be in movies and maybe doing pop music lol

What is your opinion on the current hiphop scene?
I think it’s different than what I grew up on I was born in the 90s so it was more structure back then but times changed but honestly I like that people are not afraid to be themselves I don’t agree with the drug usage and misleading the youth but I can’t judge someone I don’t know what they are going threw mentally I do think it’s some talented artist out right now

Anything else you would like to say?
I just want to thank Hip hop revival for this dope opportunity you guys are helping artist get a chance to be heard and I appreciate it

Follow on Twitter: @ILLA_DA1


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