Indy Spotlight: KennyMackForever


Explain who you are for those who don’t know

I see myself as a revolutionary using the art form of rap to communicate my mission to the masses. I see myself as a true artist who makes songs that are real, not just what people want to hear.

How did you come up with your name?

My government name is Kenneth McElroy Jr. My father was a football superstar in my area and they called him Kenny Mack. I call myself KennyMackForever as a shout out to my father and to God, because I’m gonna live Forever.

Where are you from?

I’ve been living in Tampa for about 5 years now, and it has my heart but I was born in a town called Titusville, Florida.

Whats it like growing up where your from?

People from the city say my hometown is mad country. Maybe it is, I guess that makes me a country boy. There wasn’t much to do outside of playing sports, getting in trouble and making music where I’m from. But I thank God I was born there.

How did you get into music?

My father started rapping when hip-hop began. As far back as I can remember, he was freestyling in the house. As soon as I could talk I was freestyling songs into a little boombox he had. Music never really left me since that point.

What makes you different than other artists?

As an artist, I’m seeking after the listeners heart, I’m aiming at their mind. I’m not an artist who is in this for fame, girls or money. Hip-hop has a great influence on the people, I use that platform to truly make people think. To question why we do what we do. My music doesn’t glorify the very things that are killing our community, but rather analyzes why these things are happening and what we can do to better them. I want to lead my listeners to a higher understanding, to lead them to God.

What are you currently working on?

I’m always grinding at all times. I’ve dropped a lot of songs and videos recently and am working on a true come up, hoping and praying that hip-hops revival can aid me in that.

Anything you would like to say? 

Rappers need to use their platforms responsibly. Why do we rap about our women like they’re nothing but thots and hoes, why do we brag about murder in our music when our brothers are lying dead in the streets? I’m far from perfect, but to me that doesn’t make sense.

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