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The future is our youth. The young generation is where popular interest lives. Today we bring you a new artist thats only 16 and already making a name for himself. We got a chance to chop it up with NTbuckets and get to know the person behind the music. Check out the full Q&A below:

Explain who you are for those who may not know
I’m just a chi town rapper, with a Nas flow” – Kanye . Lol I’m just a 16 year old rapper from the Midwest tryna get on and change the game

What does HipHop mean to you?
To me HipHop like all great art forms is just about expressing yourself, but what makes it different is the rawness of it.

How did you get your start in music?
I started literally by just free-styling in my friends basement being funny. I think I said some line like “B**** I am a god, I’m Kanye West in Camouflage.” and he told me right then to get in the stu lol

How long have you been making it?
I’ve been making music since May 2017, so almost a year. My first song is still on Soundcloud under the account name “nonav.” Check it out it’s called “OH.MY.GOD”

Who are your influences?
My influences range a lot in music. To me Kendrick, Cole, Drake are like the big 3 that even got me into rapping. But I think my most direct influences you would here in my music are G Herbo, Migos and Travis Scott

What motivates you?
Honestly what motivates me is just to be different and creative with whatever I do. I feel like so much of Rap right now sounds the same, and I’m not saying I don’t talk about a lot of the same stuff, but I definitely feel I put my own little twist on it that people would love to hear. Also just the people around me who tell me I can be great, and watching the come up of so many artist I look up to.

What are you currently working on?
Right now I’m currently working on my “ATR” mixtape which stands for “Addicted To Rapping.” Honestly I’m just tryna make it as dope as possible before I drop it, but I’ll definitely drop little projects here and there before it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself in a big mansion somewhere in L.A. signed to Cactus Jack Records lol. I’ll have a few M’s in the bank account and my debut album should be on the way.

Anything else you would like to say?
Lastly, I just wanna say follow me on Soundcloud @ “ntbuckets” and be on the look out for new music, I usually don’t lag to hard when it comes to dropping new stuff. Also shoutout my boy Lush and check out his new tape “Nothing Really Matters.” #FBF

Soundcloud : @ NTbuckets
Instagram : @ NTbuckets
Twitter : @ NTbuckets


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