Indy Spotlight: Skip

Explain who you are for those who don’t know
My name is Skip. I’m from Miami, FL. I produce Hip Hop, Rap, and all sorts of EDM. I’ve had placements with Oxygen and E! Networks. I’ve produced for several artists all over Florida. I’m also an artist, I just dropped my 7th studio album called WTF Skip and I’ve been doing it all independently. The label is called WELOOSE Music and it’s stylized in all caps like that as one word. It means something to us in that way. Its pronounced the same as we loose. 

How long have you been doing music 
I’ve been doing music since high school. That was just fun stuff with my friends, I’d say after my first semester in college I realized it was something I wanted to do professionally. I dropped out and started to learn about all the tools and the business. I’d make beats all day, all night and work dead end jobs when the production stuff didn’t take off right away. Call centers were my favorite, it was easy money. I wasn’t at The Gap but I was Kanye West before Kanye West lol. I was going to school for fine art cause I thought I wanted to do graphic design, I’ve always been into computers but all I learned was that art people are weird. I did however over the years mess up alot of records and made lots and lots of wack beats and songs. It’s the only way you get better, now I produce, record, mix and master all my own stuff. I’ve picked up graphics and video editing is well. There’s almost no limits for me cause there’s no middle man or anything in the way. All of my albums were created this way, solo.

How did you come up with your name?
In my family we all have nick names. My Dad is called Big Man, my Aunt is called Sugar bay, and one of my cousins we call her Honeybunch. My nick name is Skip. It’s as simple as that. Now there’s a few Skips in the industry so I would also say I’m Skip of WELOOSE Music when I introduced myself to differentiate myself and it just sort of stuck like “A Tribe called Quest” you have to say the whole thing. It’s Skip of WELOOSE. 

Who are your influences?
My influences come from all over the place. I was one of those kids that would use fake names and stuff for Columbia House or BMG back in the day and they would send you like 8 CDs for 1¢ to sign you up for their music clubs. So I would just collect all these CDs I remember House of Pain and Cypress Hill were like the first CDs I played a lot. As I got older me and friends would buy all the Wu-Tang CDs like trading cards and just pass them around. Then there was all the No Limit and Cash Money albums where you just had to get all of them. Can’t forget groups like Outkast and 8ball and MJG. My favorite I’d have to say is Jay-Z. I really like Eminem too. They’re like 1a and 1b. As far as current music I like Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Ghostmane, City Morgue and Key Glock to name a few. I’m in a constant state of influence and my inspirations come from everywhere. I always tell people I could listen to any song, in any genre and pick out something in it that I like. 

What motivates you to keep going when times get rough?
 When things get rough for me I try to get moving. I might workout, I might go walk around the mall. Just go somewhere to get out the environment and more importantly the mindset I’m in. Sometimes I use those times to my advantage though. When I write I always think of myself as a character and different characters think, talk, feel different ways. I try to describe moods and really paint a scene with words like an painter. It’s cliche but it’s really what I’m thinking when I write. So If I’m down, I’ll write it out and make a deep song about it. It’ll be easy because I’m already in that zone and plus I can occupy my mind at the same time. 

What are you currently working on?
I just dropped my 7th album called WTF Skip and I’ve been sharing that with as many people as I can. It’s a project for me that really feels like an evolution and I’m so happy with the way it came out. When you’ve made so many song you start to analyze your catalog and I noticed that I’d become very tight and almost conservative with my music. The songs were great and solid pieces but because I felt like I always had to have something to say, something meaningful some of my songs would be very serious. Even the production would be stern. I feel like WTF Skip is one of those albums where I really just took the shackles off my mind and ran wild. I didn’t care about if I was following the order of things, I made songs that spoke to me and after people hear it, it speaks to them too. 

What’s your plans for 2021?
I had so much fun writing that album I just kept on writing. I’ve ended up with about 7 new cuts that I’ll start to piece together and release. I’m starting this Friday with a song called Señorita. It’s an uptempo track where I go back and forth in english and spanish. Now I’m not hispanic in any way but growing up in Miami you learn words here and there to pick up the hot latin ladies that were so famous for. So in this song I’m trying to pick up a hispanic woman by throwing the lingo back at her.  

Anything else you’d like to say?
 I appreciate all of the staff at Hip Hop Revival for sharing my story and my music with your audience. Follow me on any social media platform @seeskiprap. Señorita will be out this Friday on all major music platforms just search “Skip of WELOOSE” and in the words of the late great Nipsey Hussel, the marathon continues.


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