Jewel talks The KickBack EP, favorite tracks, whats coming next, & more

Jewel has been working hard. Making moves, making songs, and loving the process, the new EP “The KickBack” is the definition of hustle. We got a chance to sit back and talk to Jewel about the project and whats to come. Read below: 

Let’s talk about the project, what was the motivation behind?
Bett, my main motivation behind this project was me proving that I can do this. Really proving it more so to myself.

Where did the name come from?
I came up with the title The KickBack because I’m not really a club person. I like to hit bars but I love a kickback. I think they are intimate but still enough ppl to get a party going. Beer pong, tree, bottles and girls. Perfect lol

What is your favorite track from the EP?
I’d have to say Mariah, I really love that song. I love them all but Mariah states all facts and it was a fun song to come up with. Especially the hook, “catch me out PG with some pretty girls…” PG County is Pretty Girl County and that’s facts.

Do you consider this your best work?
It’s my best for now because i know there’s always room to get better. But i feel like this EP is a good vibe, i love it.

Do you feel good about the overall success of the project?
So far I’m feeling really good about it. The Kickback has been getting love and recognition so far but I know there’s much more to come. I’m excited about this one.

What’s next for you?
Next I’ma stay in the studio continue to cook up, I’m also gonna drop the music video to ‘All Good’

Can we expect a full LP soon?
I may drop some other singles and stuff then I’m definitely gonna drop an LP. I’m just tryna build my catalog at the moment.

The KickBack EP is available now via iTunes here 

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