Kabaru 13 – Titans (Prod. Yoosuf “YB The Prophet”)

Today we bring you dope new music from Kabaru 13 (A New Artist That We Came Across While Scrolling The Web) and we must say he is pretty dope.

Kabaru brings a certain style of HipHop that most have not heard in a while. 

This song “Titans” that we bring you today is a smooth track where Kabaru shows off his dope lyrical ability.

Bars on bars. 

Check it below 

Kabaru 13 (@Kabaru13) ~ “Titians is a track that was mainly based on my feelings when I was transitioning from my lifestyle of robberies and home invasions. It was suppose to be a small story but it ended up becoming more of a tell it all rap. The main point i want people to realize is that you don’t always have to rap about what u do or even what you did in the hood to come across as hard. As long as you real the music will hit people how you want it too”.

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