Get to know: KM KASH

We all know about the A Boogies, Dave East, and Young MA’s of the New York world rap scene but one New York Rapper from Spring Valley that is making a well known name for himself goes by the name of Km Kash. After the decision to stop playing basketball Km decided that rapping would be the best fit. In the year of 2016 is was all a success as Kash dropped banger after banger starting the year right with his 56 nights freestyle titled “Mob Nights”, which established himself immediately in the music industry as a serious contender. After the Mob Nights banger Km Kash dropped another freestyle titled Position Of Power, which gave off a very gritty classic Ny sound starting off the song with lyrics such as “I dare a ho* give me ya heart ill break that shi*, you loving her and im f***ng her, you date that b*tch!” Soon after Km Kash shown he wasn’t finished releasing a new banger titled “17 Homicides”. After the success of the music video hitting about 1/2 million views via youtube, the song is now on many platforms such as itunes, spotify, and amazon. Km Kash’s music in general has many of his fans best interest because of the impact he has had in the music industry this year. Recently in may, Kash dropped his debut mixtape via Spinrilla titled PLAY II which was another success with over ten thousand streams and downloads. Be on the lookout for Km Kash’s upcoming EP coming this winter.





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